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Vyksa –

is a significant industrial hub of Russia.

It hosts the metallurgical plant

which is over 260 years old.

The area of the Mural to paint. - 10 thousand square meters.

«Vyksa 10000» international contest invites artist with experience in large-scale graffiti and street-art to create the largest mural in the world. The Contest is timed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the OMK company and the 260th anniversary of the Vyksa Steel Works. This project will be a strong artist statement coming from the heart of Russia while pertaining wide international exposure.

The Contest will have a single winner.
The Host will award the winner with the prize money of 1 000 000 rub.*
The Subcontractor takes all the costs related to the production of the winning project.

It will be presented at ART OVRAG festival (June 16th-18th, 2017).

*The Prize money include taxes, custom duties, currently exchange commissions, and cost related to bank transfer.
The prize money will be paid in Russian roubles if the winner is the citizen of Russia.
If the winner is not the citizen of Russia, then the prize money will be paid in Euros according to the exchange rate of Russian Central Bank on given date.

The winner will be announced on


The expert council
Sabina Chagina
Julia Bychkova
Anton Kochurkin
The Jury
Boris Bernaskoni
Alisa Prudnikova
Andrey Bartenev
Dmitri Aske
Alexey Novoselov
Yasha Young
Irina Sedykh


1. Who will take on the production costs of the winner's project?

All the costs related to production of winners project (incl. consumables and expenses related to travel and residence of the winner) are taken by the hosts of the Contest. The winner will receive the full amount of d the prize and will not have to spend it on production.

2. Which part of the walled is allowed to be painted?

This image shows the part of the wall that will be painted.

3. How will the process of cooperation between ARTMOSPHERE Ltd. and the winner be regulated? What are the obligations and duties of both sides?

There will be a contract signed in accordance with russian and international legislation and practices. It will states the obligations and duties of both sides. Our legal team will be glad to answer any question and provide additional information related to the contract.

4. What are the technical means to work at height?

We shall provide 3 cherry pickers for the period of 32 days (including the marking out), as well as 2 rolling towers and 1 ladder for the period of 30 days.

5. How much paint shall we get for the mural? What kind of paint is it doing to be?

The paint will be selected according to the draft of the winner. The type and the amount of paint will be determined as after the discussion with the winner.

6. Shall we have and help to produce the project or we shall have to do it totally on our own?

We shall provide 5 full-time assistants to help the production. They will have the experience and all the necessary skills.

7. Where will the winners live during the production?

The winners will be accommodated in the apartment close to the production site.

8. How long is the production?

The production must be accomplished within 45 days.

9. Can I send in multiple drafts?

Yes, you can. The number of drafts is not limited.

10. Is there an age restriction for the contenders?

You must be 18 or older to apply.


Zakharova Anna

Coordinator of the Contest
+7 (929) 678 15 21



Sasha Krolikova

+7 (926) 860 66 18



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