Location: Embankment/ Metallurgov Square

16:30 – 18:00 – Opening. Aperitif

The artists, actors and musicians of the Spam-theatre will give a participatory performance. Also, a theatrical bus with the Spam-theatre troupe will run all over the town and appear in the most interesting places.


Location: Forest

21:45 – 22:00 – Timothey Radya (T-Radya) will present his light installation. A street artist from Yekaterinburg, the finalist of the Kandinsky Prize and Innovation Prize. Timothey Radya created an installation in Vyksa center.


Location: Akademika Koroleva st., ‘Art Ovrag’ stop

17:30-18:00 – new bus stops in Vyksa, opening. The projects were selected according to the results of the international architectural competition.
‘Useful Art’ is embodied in the choice of objects chosen by architects and artists. Two public transport stops in Vyksa are similar to stops in Hannover (Germany) and Krumbach (Austria). They are made from factory pipes, installed opposite each other. These stops connect not only the parts of Vyksa but also random passers-by.


Location: Metallurgov Square

18:00-20:00 – ‘Free Dance’ participatory performance by Anastasia Rostova and Yulia Kamenskaia. The dance symbolizes freedom from stereotypes and emotional experiences and embodies sincerity. Each dance becomes a part of a common action, reminding a painting.

Location: Central Park of Culture and Leisure

19:30-20:30 – ‘Skate-Wave’ opening
Timofey Lyubshin, famous skater and creator of the ‘Skate-Wave’ project, together with the UG group from Vyksa built a skate park in Vyksa. ‘Skate Wave’ is not just a place for skaters and riders, it is also an art object.
On June 9, the team UG will give a master class on the different techniques and styles in park skating.

Location: Embankment

Irina Tsitsulina and Daria Kolesova created a new resting place with concrete poufs on the embankment. A new art object makes you feel like home in the town.

Location: Central Park of Culture and Leisure

‘Live Poetry’
The ‘Live Poetry’ is a performance by Natalia Alexandrova where famous Vyksa residents read poems with the background music. The recording of the reading will be broadcast through the loudspeakers in the park.

Location: Central Park of Culture and Leisure

‘Game of Light and Shadows’
The project ‘Game of Light and Shadows’ by Anna Pazich shows how the lightning affects our perception of the painting.


Location: art residence VYKSA AIR, Vavilina st., 4

15:00-21:00 – exhibition of Ustina Yakovleva dedicated to urban nature, ponds, greens and change of seasons. The project was created during her residency in VYKSA AIR.


Location: Main Stage (Children’s zone)

15:00-21:00 – game time.
This year we rise a theme about the usefulness of art in the city. Without a doubt, one of the key points of art is children’s education. Therefore, during the festival there will be a playground for free games where children will try themselves as architects and engineers.
They will build a labyrinth, a tower, a pyramid and even the ancient temple Parthenon from hay.


Location: Martenevskiy shop, entrance through the Engineering building, Bratyev Batasheva st., 45

18:00-18:30 – gathering of guests
18:30-20:00 – ‘Marten Passion’ performance

An all-star team creates the performance which takes place on the territory of the Vyksa Metallurgical Plant. Yury Muravitsky, the director of the project, works together with the Golden Mask winner Anna Abalikhina, a scenic designer Ksenia Peretrukhina, composer Alexey Sysoev and playwright Ekaterina Bondarenko.
The performance is dedicated to the change of epochs. In ‘Marten Passion’ the famous theater figures combine modern dance, factory noises and stories of its former employees.


Location: Information Center, Metallurgists Square

15:00 – Vyksa Metallurgical Plant tour, buses departure
The Vyksa Metallurgical Plant is the first plant in the Nizhny Novgorod region which still works. You will have a unique opportunity to visit two workshops where the gas pipelines and railway wheels are produced. You will see the place where the steel sheets are flatten out at a temperature of 1400 degrees. The excursion to one workshop takes 1.5 hours. The program starts in front of the Information Center on the museum square. Participants will arrive to the plat by bus.

15:30 – street art walking tour
19:00 -street art walking tour

Walking tours
You will see more than 20 street artworks, 9 art objects and several Vyksa sightseeings. You will hear the stories which you will not find on the Internet. The walking tour takes 1.5 hours. The program starts in front of the Information Center on the museum square.

App tours
As an alternative, there is a street art electronic guide around the central part of the city. The app will build a route and help you find all the main art sightseeings.